Dan and Tom's 2002 trip to Magee Marsh

1    For the eighth year in a row, Indianapolis Dan and Zanesville Tom leave their lovely wives on Mother's Day to search for those elusive lil' warblers.

2    A large part of the fun is hooking up once again with fellow birding pals, such as Charley from Louisville.

3    Good to see Tom and Carolyn from Canton, whom we missed last year. The weather was cold and wet, in other words great birding weather.

4    Photographer Jeff, from Cleveland, always gets close scrutiny. Note his camera to the far left, enclosed in a black plastic garbage bag for protection.

5    Wildlife photographer, and pal, Gary Meszaros autographs a copy of his book for Danny. And, by the way, that's me in the red hat on page 22 of Gary's book.

6    We always have fun catching up with Bryan, Sue and Jonathan from Northern Indiana. This is the first year that Jonathan has willingly posed.

7    I haven't yet taken pictures of birds, leaving that to the pros like Jeff, Gary and Mark of Deep Brook Nature Photography, but here's a photo of a reflection in the creek at the bridge.

8    Danny and I always have a great time up there and this year each of us spotted 24 different types of warblers. I'll get ya next year, Dan.

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