Dan and Tom's 2008 Magee Marsh Warbler-Counting Trip Part III

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      Since 1993, Dan from Indianapolis and Tom from Zanesville have gone to Magee Marsh to count warblers.
      This year Dan counted 24 species to Tom's 23. Or so we thought because just this week Tom got an email
      from fellow birder Scott who casually pointed out that a bird photo of Tom's may have been misidentified.
      Let's take a look at the photo in question.

      The photo below is the one that was originally identified by me last month as a female Blackburnian Warbler.

      Now, let's take a look at a female Blackburnian Warbler, from a photo lifted from the focusonnature.com website.

      Now, let's take a look at a Prairie Warbler, from a photo lifted from the Birdersworld.com website.

      It's pretty obvious, you have to agree, that the bird in question is a Prairie Warbler, and that means I saw 24
      species of warblers, moving me into a tie this year with Dan. Both of us saw 24 species of Warblers!

      Thanks, again, Dan for the great week up there. Special thanks to Scotty for giving me the much-needed ammo
      to tie Dan and special, special thanks to Dan and Tom's wives for being so patient and not being upset about our
      yearly warbler-counting adventures which take us away each year for a week.

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